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Monday, April 11, 2011

T-Bows are fun

Hey, I have nothing to do today so I just decided to do a new post. In gym today we used these like balance things called T-Bows. They are like curved and you have to balance on them. They are kinda of hard but at the same time really fun (it is really funny to watch people loose there balance on them!) I realized that they aren't only good for regular cardio and exercise. They are great for you're balence wich is great for my skating because you need some balence for skating. Also the great for flexability which you can also have more. My friend said that they had gym earlier and they did not like the T-Bows and said they were really hard. I thought they were really fun and they actually are not that hard at all I never fell off. I can't wait to use them again tomorrow in gym. Bye

Sunday, April 10, 2011

First Post

Hi, my name is Jenna and I am starting the blog dream till you can't dream anymore. In my blog I will be shareing alot about how ice skating is doing for me and anything that is going on in my life that I fell you might enjoy hearing about. I will try really hard to post almost everyday. I hope you enjoy learning a little about me and Dream till you can't dream anymore.